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Pimcy Service Design & Innovation on YouTube

We started our own YouTube Channel in March:  Pimcy Service Design & Innovation!

First we started with a series about interviews within the Service Design process / Design Thinking / Lean Startup process. The videos were recorded at our new location in Tilburg, Studio Pimcy. You will also find an older video about explorative prototyping. We want to regularly post videos on this channel that give you insight into innovation, service design, design thinking, templates, but also portfolio management. In addition, you can see via the playlists which films we think are recommended. If you have any suggestions for topics, we would love to hear from you!

The series “Interviews within Design Thinking” consists of 5 episodes 

Part 0: Introduction interviews within design thinking

In this video we briefly explain the Service Design process and the role of interviews in this process.

Part 1: How do you do an interview?

In this video we share general tips and things to keep in mind when you start interviewing as an amateur.

Part 2: The problem interview

In this video, we will discuss the interview in the discovery phase: the problem interview. The aim of this interview is to delve into your environment and target group, and to learn what keeps the customer busy. This can be a problem that really bothering the customer, but it can also be something positive that makes the customer very happy.

Part 3: The solution interview

In this video, we discuss the interview that takes place in the devising options phase: before you start making an option concrete, you first get feedback from the customer. That way you learn which things are important in a final solution.

Part 4: The prototyping inteview

In this video we test the 'shitty prototype', we provide something tangible (can also be digital) that the customer can respond to and preferably use. Because it is still an initial prototype, the customer does not feel inhibited to express objections, but will also name positive elements. And you, as the interviewer, should stay in the positive listening mode and not start selling!

All videos are now live!

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