Webinar How do you manage innovation and innovation projects?

Webinar How do you manage innovation and innovation projects?

More and more organizations are engaged in innovation. Sometimes driven by a certain need such as the corona crisis, a new player in the market or because a product is at the end of its life cycle. As an organization nowadays you have to respond more quickly to changing circumstances, you have to be more 'agile' and therefore innovations are a great tool! Moreover, the past shows that companies that innovate little or not at all will have increasingly difficult times in the long run. Reason for Pimcy and JSR to organize the webinar How do you manage innovation and innovation projects.

As an organization you actually have to be constantly working on innovation!

How do you become successful in innovation? This webinar from JSR and Pimcy, along with Joyce Oomen, Gert-Jan Waterlander en Ruud Peltzer elaborates on this.

Gert-Jan Waterlander
Business Consultant

Gert-Jan works within JSR as a business consultant and helps organizations to work better and smarter with Microsoft 365. And this time he shows how to shape this for innovation.

How can you make innovation successful with edison365?

  • How tooling ensures controlled processes around ideas, innovations and the project portfolio.
  • How we get all employees enthusiastic and involved en to hold.
  • How we see that we do what we say with the right insights and dashboards (from the strategy)
Joyce Oomen

Joyce Oomen
Founder Pimcy

Joyce has been an expert in this field at Pimcy for years and will share her knowledge and experience of innovation and innovation portfolio management with you.

Innovation portfolio management: from idea to successful innovation

  • 3 horizons of innovation
  • Two schools of thought;
  1. Core business: from idea to successful innovation
  2. New to us: from inspiration to tested prototype

Importance of insight and overview

Joyce explained the success factors of innovation for organizations and went deeper into innovation portfolio management. I have focused on using different processes and working methods for different types of innovation. If you have 30 or more initiatives to manage, software is needed. Gert-Jan then also discussed the op # Microsoft365 built apps from Edison365.

Pimcy BV | Innovation & Portfolio Management offers various solutions for portfolio management software and we are enthusiastic about the possibilities of Edison365.

The webinar has been recorded and you can watch it on YouTube:

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