Playing Lean – Lean Startup

playing lean

Playing Lean – Lean Startup

Playing Lean is a serious game inspired on the international bestseller ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries. By Playing Lean you will learn to apply the principles of Lean Startup in a risk-free environment.

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You and your teammates are a startup that competes against other startups for the favour of the marketplace. This means you will have to make strategic choices about how you will allocate your resources: build products/ services, invest in your company (technical capability, inbound marketing, innovation culture) or experiment. During the game the facilitator will link the game to real life with recognizable examples. You will learn the basics of Lean Startup while your are playing.

We will also observe your startup skills. Are you a hipster, hustler or hacker? We will look for team dynamics, the way you play and how you behave. And we will give you feedback on this. Because the success of a startup is not about applying the right methodology and bringing a good idea to live. It is very much dependant on team performance.

A social media and fintech scenario is available.

In the second part of this workshop we will try to apply Lean Startup in practice. We focus on the problem that we will solve with our idea. Is this problem really relevant to our prospects? Who are these prospects? What are key risks and assumptions? And… how can we test whether we are on the right track?