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Playing Lean – Lean Startup

Playing Lean is a serious game that is played to learn the basis principes of Lean Startup and Value Proposition Design. The board game is inspired by the international bestseller ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries. By Playing Lean you will learn to apply the principles of Lean Startup in a risk-free environment.

In 2016, Playing Lean was launched by Kickstarter. We have facilitated numerous sessions since then. In 2018 a new version was lauched, again using Kickstarter. Playing Lean 2 is even more fun and more exciting, and is based on an up to date scenario: you play as a startup in the hospitality domain.

winnaars playing leanYou and your teammates are a startup that competes against other startups for the favour of the marketplace. This means you will have to make strategic choices about how you will make your employees useful. Will they build your product, experiment to learn the customers’ needs or will they sell to these customers? You can also bid on valuable extras so that you can run your business better.

During the game the facilitator will link the game to real life with recognizable examples. You will learn the basics of Lean innovation while you are playing.

We will also observe your startup skills. We will look for team dynamics, the way you play and how you behave. And we will give you feedback on this. Because the success of a startup is not about applying the right methodology and bringing a good idea to live. It is very much depending on team performance.
playing lean workshop

You will experience that you do want to be the winner!

Extension to full workshop

The game can be extended with a second part. This is recommendable. Preferably we will work with a case of your own organisation. In this way you will learn to apply basic principles. The value of Lean Startup and Value Proposition Design will become clear.

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