A day in the life of a startup

a day in the life of a startup

You will learn to innovate like a startup in this serious game. You will use simple and practical tools that will allow you to start working on an idea in the context of your organization. Various DOON workshops are combined with intensive coaching by various mentors with different backgrounds. In this way, you can walk through the full cycle in one single day.

Especially established organizations can benefit from learning to innovate like a startup by gathering new insights that might lead to real innovation.


In teams of max 5 people we will work on a preselected idea. Teams will operate like a true start-up. Throughout the day they will come across all aspects of a startup. They will learn the steps, tools and techniques. They will learn to validate customer needs, deal with a minimal budget and will have to pitch in order to get funding for their idea.

Throughout the day we will vary working sessions with short seminars, in which we will guide participants step-by-step through the following process:

  • Vision and mission behind the idea

  •  The Value Proposition

  •  The Businessmodel

  •  Learn to Validate

  •  Pitch your story

Teams will have to organize themselves and make sure that they are successful! They can test their assumptions with coaches, customers, a trendwatcher or an investor. And hence further develop their idea based on validation. But of course, this feedback is not free of charge. In this way also the resource constraints are of importance in this game. At the end of the day each team will pitch their story to a jury.

The winner is the team that has generated the most funding and that has learned the most.

Before this day participants will have completed a ‘personality test’. Teams are made based on this test. Teams will learn to acknowledge the value of diversity in their organization and to benefit from individual strengths.


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I am associate of DOON consultants (www.doon.nu).

Doon offers an innovation method that contains a series of possible workshops. Together they cover the full innovation process. A workshop is always tailored to the context of your business and is hence always made to measure! For more information about innovation workshops, please check

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