4. Customer Journey mapping

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customer journey

Customer Journey workshop

In this workshop you will trace the journey of the customer inside and outside your organization. You will learn to see what your customers do and experience throughout the stages of orientation, buying and usage of your product or service. When is your customer happy and when does he abandon you? You learn to look at your business from the viewpoint of your customer. And… you will acknowledge the points where you can improve in order to service the customer even better. Customer focused companies perform better and retain their customers longer. Mapping the customer journey will enable you to employ real customer focus. In a multidisciplinary core team, guided by me as ‘travel guide’ , we will map the various steps in the customer journey in a series of workshops.

Trained Customer Journey Manager

I have attended a 4 day training Customer Journey Management at Rabobank. Next to the Rabobank way of working, I have studied other methods how customer journeys can be mapped out. My approach depends on your question and context of your organization and is always made to measure.


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