Pimcy Quarterly Update- Q1 2022

Our first English update! We cover interpretation: how do you translate collected data into valuable insights? Client of this quarter is Tech Data.
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Pimcy's QUARTERLY update (Q1-2022)

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We are very pleased to send you our first English quarterly update ever! We started the quarterly updates about 2 years ago and since then, even though I wrote in Dutch, we got many non-Dutch subsriptions. So thank you all and from now on you will receive the English edition.

Spring 🌷🌷🌷 is my favorite season because every year nature buds and winter seems to be forgotten. And just when spring arrives and the Corona winter seems forgotten, there is the war in Ukraine with Russia as the aggressor.

Besides the terrible scenes we see every day on TV and online, and the humanitarian impact of the war, it has an impact here too. We need to save energy and look for alternative energy sources. There will be a scarcity of certain raw materials and nutrients. A large stream of refugees will seek shelter, their children will go to school and they will enter the labor market. All these things will make an appeal to our creative powers, but what you see now is that, under pressure, everything becomes fluid. Many a sustainable innovation is given a chance under these circumstances.

One company that has been working on sustainability for some time now is Tech Data. In their quest to become CO2 neutral, they have set up the internal Climate Parliament in 2021. I have guided this Climate Parliament in the first sprint and this has led to great results. Tech Data is therefore customer of this quarter.

For Pimcy, the past quarter was mainly characterized by consultancy work in the area of ​​the implementation of innovation software and the associated change management. For our partner Qmarkets, we organized an entertaining webinar and wrote two articles that you can read here.

Each quarter, in order of the design process, we focus on elements that you can work with yourself and that will provide immediate benefits. In this edition, we focus on the step”interpretation† In the interpretation step, you get to work with collected data from the research phase. We share videos and articles on the concept of jobs-to-be-done and an article on how to process interview results. If you get stuck, you know where to find us!😉

I wish you much reading fun!

Joyce Oomen, Founder Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management

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