Pimcy quarterly update Q4 2021

With Part 1 of the Design Thinking process to critically look at your business model and see if further improvement is possible.
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Pimcy's Quarterly Update (Q4-2021)

pimcy kwartaalupdate

Quarterly update & outlook 2022

Here we are again with a new quarterly update!

This quarter too, the focus was (unfortunately) again on remote working. Fortunately, we can work well online with both training and consultancy. A few times I was allowed to go "outside" for example for a Customer Journey Mapping workshop for Station88 in Tilburg, our customer of the quarter. In addition, the Portfolio Management masterclass was also a lot of fun. Next year I will also give another masterclass at the next edition. In addition, Josephine van Gelder van Barenbrug and I will provide a session for the PPM annual conference, more about that too.

For Cevora are no less than 3 new workouts added to our offer. We can also provide these training courses if you are not affiliated with Cevora, in Dutch, English or French. Inquire about the possibilities..

And then the looking ahead to 2022… It is now clear to everyone that Corona will have a lasting impact on our lives. We've all had to show tremendous flexibility over the past two years and that's not over yet. Many companies have rapidly adapted their 'business model' in order to survive. I hope 2022 will be the year that we can get out of the 'action' booth once in a while to enjoy ourselves to consider whether we have indeed made the right choices. I therefore want to pay attention every quarter in order of the Design Thinking process to the things you can do yourself to take a critical look at your business model and see whether further improvement is possible.

The Design Thinking process consists of 4 phases:
1. Investigate/discover
2. Interpretation
3. Ideation
4. Experiment

Just like in the New Year's card below, Design Thinking is a journey, where you will learn things and gradually take new paths. In this quarterly update, we start with the beginning: investigate/discover, so that you can get started with it in the first quarter of 2022!

Card created by Rochak Shukla

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure and best wishes for 2022!

Joyce Oomen, Founder Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management

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