Pimcy quarterly update Q2 2022

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Pimcy's Quarterly Update (Q2-2022)

pimcy kwartaalupdate

Summer has already started! ⛱️ In a few days I'm leaving for Spain for vacation and despite all the good intentions, there are still many things that need to be done 'just'. The quarterly update is a lot of fun to write, but I also want to do something good and that takes time. So here with some delay the 2nd quarter update of 2022!

Not a 'customer of the quarter' this time, but focus on our new Innovation Kickstart Package. We offer a complete package to lay the foundation of a successful innovation and portfolio strategy to set up and start implementing it in a short time.

Every quarter, in order of the Design process, we pay attention to elements where you you can get started yourself and bring immediate benefits. This edition contains the step “ideation” central. We start with a super fun video from Mark Rober that will certainly inspire! The starting point for good ideation is that there has been a thorough research phase so that we know whether we are going to work on a relevant problem. You can test whether the problem is actually sharp and relevant by getting started with it problem reframing canvas which will be introduced in this update.

In the ideation phase we are looking for many ideas, but frameworks are still needed. The articles below discuss the frameworks that are needed and methods and techniques that you can use to arrive at many ideas. In addition, I share a link to my latest blog about the wrong numbers mentioned in Product Failure Rates. What is the difference between Product Failure and Idea Failure? And is it bad when ideas or products 'fail'?

I wish you a very happy holiday and happy reading!

Joyce Oomen, Founder Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management

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