Pimcy quarterly update Q2 2021

In this quarterly update, we focus on diversity and innovation. In addition, interesting articles and news!
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Pimcy's Quarterly Update (Q2-2021) – Diversity Theme

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The summer holidays are just around the corner, hopefully you will soon enjoy a few weeks of well-deserved rest or other activities!

Inspired by all the fuss around the European Championship and the controversial law in Hungary, I paid attention to diversity in this edition. Check out both videos and read the article. Because diversity has a demonstrable positive influence on creativity, leadership and innovation. One of the basic principles of Design Thinking is working with diverse, cross-functional teams.

In recent blogs I would like to introduce you to new Pimcy team members Denisa and Stephane, I explain how to set up an ideation challenge and you see the result of my participation in a 1 minute pitch.

After being resisted earlier because of corona, the Masterclass Strategic PPM is now really starting. As one of the speakers I can offer readers of this newsletter a discount.

Finally, two more interesting articles: how can you making innovation measurable and what are tech trends to take into account in your innovation strategy?

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure and a wonderful summer!

Joyce Oomen, Founder Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management


A short video with Simon Sinek about what diversity in organizations means and what its benefits are. Diversity is about looking from different perspectives and maintaining curiosity. Both are necessary to innovate!

In this TED talk by Rocío Lorenzo, she shows that diversity in leadership (where the focus is on the male/female ratio) shows a clear correlation with the success in innovation of an organization.


Denisa and Stéphane new Pimcy teachers for Cevora

From the autumn you can register for our courses at Cevora in French and English. This means a growth in the number of courses that we will provide and, moreover, an expansion to the French language. For that reason, Pimcy will now work with two experienced Service Designers: Denisa Nica and Stéphane Letisse. We would like to introduce them to you! .

How do you design a good challenge?

The literal translation of challenge is a challenge. Within the field of innovation we use the word 'Challenge ' often as an alternative to 'idea competition'. If you want to use your employees, customers or other groups to think about a solution for a certain challenge you have, setting up a Challenge is one of the ways to obtain this input. But how do you set up a good challenge?

1 minute crash course Design Thinking

In Crash Course, teachers get one minute to talk about their field. The closest to the minute is our Crash Course Master. Today Joyce Oomen from Pimcy for a Crash Course Design Thinking.


Masterclass strategisch ppm

In Masterclass Strategic PPM the participants are taken on board with the latest developments in Project Portfolio Management (PPM), in order to always choose and realize the right initiatives that help the organization to realize its strategy.

In six meetings, organized by Practice Leaders, a learning trajectory is offered to enable directors, directors and (portfolio) managers to better fulfill their roles in organizations that are in full swing. As a helmsman/woman, how do you make decisions about radical changes, how do you make the right choices in order to achieve success?

My session will focus on strategic and tactical portfolio management. In other words: how do you ensure that your portfolio contributes to achieving your strategic and innovation goals?

For all readers of this newsletter I can send a offer a special discount of €250 !


Diversity and Innovation: Benefiting from a Corporate Culture of Inclusion – Elliott Wilkins

Diversity is essential when we talk about innovation. By looking at innovation from different perspectives, by letting people from different backgrounds innovate, companies are demonstrably more successful. This article explains how the three types of diversity namely social diversity, diversity in seniority and diversity in creativity contributes to innovation success.

I'm busting the myths about innovation metrics – Barry O'Reilly

“Your activity is the cause. What you need to track are the effects your efforts are having in the market.” Barry O'Reilly

When companies innovate, they often use the wrong metrics to measure their innovation success. The adage “to measure is to know” also applies to innovation, and if you do not measure the right things, you cannot adjust. In this article, Barry shows which myths exist around measuring innovation and then also points out how it can be done better.

The top trends in Tech – McKinsey

McKinsey has analyzed the top trends in technology. They also looked at the extent to which the technology is mature and to what extent it is applicable. Subsequently, possible directions for development of these technologies and their impact on various industries were examined. This is nicely designed in a summary which is free to download.


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