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The sun is shining again, birds are chirping, trees and flowers are in the bud, without a doubt spring is my favorite season! Despite the fact that everyone seems to have gone out of their way, I see smiling faces again when I walk and I hope that in a few months we will regain some more freedom. Many people then think that we are going back to the old normal. But that's over ... There will be a pre-Covid and a post-Covid soon. Covid has greatly accelerated a number of developments that were already underway, and the future is already here. Is your organization ready for that?

Read McKinsey's article, which lists 9 factors that are necessary to operate future-proof. And being future proof naturally has everything to do with innovation. Tristan Kromer then explains how you can arrive at an innovation strategy. David Bland discusses how to make experimentation (and learning) part of the work routine. And Bruno Pesec explains in his article how you can then make all that innovation transparent and measurable (so that we also stop lesser projects in time ...)

In addition, a beautiful cartoon series in which the essence of service design is aptly captured. As a video I selected a Ted Talk by Mark Rober this quarter, which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Cevora is customer of the quarter. I have been working for Cevora since 2016, but I did not want to let my 500 students anniversary pass unnoticed :-).

In addition to the aforementioned articles, I also share an article of my own, which explains the relationship between R&D and innovation success. On the basis of a portfolio strategy you ensure more balance in the portfolio and you increase the chance of innovation success.

I wish you a lot of reading pleasure and a beautiful spring!

Joyce Oomen, Founder Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management


Movie and cartoon of the quarter

management buyin innovation

What is service design? - Cartoon infographics by Virpi Oinonen

Virpi has recorded in a fantastic way what the working method of a Service Designer is and what Service Design is all about. In addition, the biggest pitfalls for the implementation of Service Design within organizations are also discussed.

How To Come Up With Good Ideas | Mark Rober | TEDxYouth @ ColumbiaSC

You may have heard of Mark Rober before. He comes up with the best ideas and performs the craziest experiments, is also a very popular YouTuber. How did he get those good ideas? With some hilarious examples 😉
Interesting articles

1. Organizing for the future: Nine keys to becoming a future-ready company (Mc Kinsey)

trends 2021 innovation
The pandemic confirms that most organizations are set up for a world that is disappearing. The four major trends related to it are increased connectivity, lower transaction costs, acceleration of automation and demographic change.It seems that future-ready companies share 3 characteristics:
1) they know who they are and what they stand for
2) they operate with a focus on speed and simplicity
3) they grow by scaling up a capacity to learn, innovate and look for good ideas. McKinsey then gives 9 things that you need to focus on as a company in order to be ready for the future that has already begun.

2. Innovation Strategy: Where to Explore, When to Launch, and How to Hack (Tristan Kromer)

innovation strategy
In this article, Tristan Kromer explains what to take into account when formulating an innovation strategy. You have to think about: What you will explore, when you will launch and how you will enter the market in a smart way.

3. 5 Steps To Make Experimentation A Repeatable Process - David Bland

experiment flow
The Business Model Canvas explains how to structurally test risks in the field of Desirability (desirability), Feasibility (manufacturability) and Viability (feasibility).

4. Making sense of innovation pipelines, funnels, and portfolios - Bruno Pesec

sequential or parallel innovation
This article explains the difference between an innovation pipeline, an innovation funnel and an innovation portfolio. Plus the coherence or overlap between an innovation funnel and innovation portfolio and which choices you can make as a company. A clear, accessible explanation from Bruno.

Customer of the quarter

Cevora / Cefora

Cevora is a Belgian training institute that provides training for companies that belong to the joint committee 200. More than 55.000 companies have a mandatory financial contribution that, together with social partners, is used to finance training. This allows Cevora to offer a wide range of training courses to 450.000 employees. Since 2016 I have been working for Cevora as a Design Thinking trainer. It started with a 1-day training which evolved into a two-day training in 2019. And then Corona. In 2020 we continued digitally and I transformed the course into an interactive online course of 4 half-days. At the end of last year, Cevora decided to take a new direction for its digital offering by offering the training even more tailored to SMEs via a new learning platform called Karibu.

Each training contains one half-day online. The students prepare online in Karibu in advance and after the joint half-day, the students work individually on an assignment and there is the possibility of a joint conclusion.

This changed the Design Thinking course. Instead of a continuous course, I now offer 4 courses separately. Each training focuses on part of the Design Thinking process, but can also be followed separately at the same time.

The first training 'From Assumption to Insight'is now live and I have now taken care of it for the first time. The training went well, the students were very enthusiastic and immediately made some small improvements afterwards.

In the meantime, the preparation of the second training course 'From Challenge to Idea' is in the final phase. Here I focus on the Ideation process and organizing structured brainstorms (and its follow-up). Part 3 and Part 4 deal with Experimentation and Implementation respectively. The former 2-day training can also be followed, from now on directly through me with premiums through Cevora.

The new set-up offers a broader range of training options that I am certainly enthusiastic about!

Recent blogs and templates

Innovation excellence: The relationship between R&D and innovation success

How do successful innovators manage to achieve Innovation Excellence? How can R&D contribute to innovation success and how can innovation and R&D reinforce each other? You can read more about this in this article.


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