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About us

Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management is a network organization of pragmatic innovation professionals. We choose to work with team members who entrepreneur are, with a own expertise. No one can know everything, and it is precisely diversity in backgrounds, approach and knowledge that contribute to success.

Based on the assignment and the client, we determine who is most suitable to carry out the assignment.

Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management helps you set up and implement:

  • (innovation) strategy, where do we want to go and why?
  • portfolio management, how do we ensure that we do the right things and do this in the right way?
  • innovation process, how do we get from idea to realization?
  • innovation accounting, how do we measure that we are successful?
  • Design Thinking tools and techniques, which tools and techniques do we use when and how do we apply them in our context?
We help you to organize and embed innovation in service, product or business model in a better way. The result is an acceleration of innovation, an increased innovative capacity and motivated employees.
Of the product introductions fail. Plenty of room for improvement!
OUR 5 Ps
Practically oriented
Passion for our profession

The Pimcy Team

joyce oomen-beeris
Joyce Oomen (NL / BE)
Founder & Innovation accelerator

Joyce is a innovation and portfolio management consultant/ facilitator with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of innovation management, portfolio management, service design thinking and innovation management software selection & implementation. She has a master's degree in implementation and change management. She founded Pimcy in 2015. In addition to consultancy and organizing workshops/design sprints, she is also a lecturer in Design Thinking and Innovation Management for Cevora (Flanders). She is organizationally strong and result-oriented. Words that characterize Joyce are curious, pragmatic, energetic, challenging and cheerful.

Peter supports companies and organizations in developing innovative capacity resulting in more insight, grip and results from innovation. Or achieving innovation excellence. He is also a lecturer in innovation management at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. His motto: “Innovating is a profession that you can learn”. Peter and Joyce are often active as a duo in innovation management processes.

Peter Stooker
Peter Stooker (NL)
Innovation accelerator
Hannelore Albrecht
Hannelore Albrecht (NL / AT)
Care & Innovation accelerator

Hannelore helps organizations to create a creative and visual way to tackle issues. She brings business processes and provides insight into bottlenecks and possibilities for innovation. Hannelore has in-depth knowledge of long-term care and the social domain. Hannelore and Joyce together provide workshops, sprints and courses in the field of Design Thinking and innovation techniques.

Stéphane has been working for more than 20 years with large and/or small organizations in setting up a Human Centric Design process. He adapts the Design thinking process to an innovative and pragmatic workshop approach: Design sprint in all its forms. Stéphane teaches, among other things, the French-language Design Thinking courses that Pimcy provides for Cevora and lives in Brussels.

Stephane Letisse - Pimcy
Stephane Letisse (BE/FR)
Service Designer
Jonas van Poucke - Pimcy
Jonas Van Poucke (BE)
Innovation Consultant

Jonas has extensive experience in product management and is an innovation coach with more than 20 years of experience in various domains. He enjoys validating hypotheses and is an avid fan of the 'jobs-to-be-done' model (Bob Moesta). He is also a Leanstack certified coach and can help validate the business model around a product or service. Once that's done, he looks for the optimal way to launch it. Jonas provides training for Cevora on behalf of Pimcy in the field of Design Thinking.

Victor has been working at the cutting edge of open innovation in ecosystems within Health & High Tech since 2014. His passion is to align the strategy of SMEs, educational and healthcare institutions. To this end, he uses Design Thinking and his background as a Master Trainer and Global coach  Strategy Tools.
At Pimcy, Victor mainly focuses on developing and managing innovation ecosystems and open innovation.

Victor Haze
Victor Haze (NL)
Innovation accelerator
Martijn Antonisse Pimcy
Martin Anthony
Innovation accelerator and agile project & portfolio management

Martijn has more than 25 years of experience in innovation, project and portfolio management. His passion lies at the intersection of sustainability, agile working and innovation. In addition to his job at DSM as Manager Science & Innovation, Portfolio & Strategy, Martijn is an independent consultant. Martijn and Joyce work together on the implementation of portfolio management.

We also regularly work with or for the following partner organizations

What do we do?
Method of operation
If you are interested in one of our services, we will first do an extensive intake interview. We prefer to do this virtually. This way we can quickly see if there is a click and whether we can do something for you.
First proposal
Based on the intake, we come to an initial proposal. Often there are still several options. In a second meeting we will then determine which options best suit your needs.
We make a proposal with the investment picture. If desired, we explain the proposal in more detail. The proposal is then accepted.
To work
The quotation has been approved, we can get started! Together we agree on concrete timelines and start with an interactive, transparent and pleasant collaboration!

Our customers

This is what we do it for: helping customers achieve their goals.

Below you will find a selection of companies for whom Pimcy has provided innovation workshops or projects, either directly or in collaboration with another party. If you hover over the logo, you can also see what we have done.

2023: innovation management program - ongoing
2023: innovation management program - ongoing
2023: Pimcy is PortXL partner to provide all their innovation management training
2023: Pimcy is PortXL partner to provide all their innovation management training
Bouwen van een innovatie ecosysteem wereldwijd incl implementatie Qmarkets (sinds 2020)
Building an innovation ecosystem worldwide including implementation Qmarkets (since 2020)
Various Design Thinking workshops 2022 - 2023
Various Design Thinking workshops 2022 - 2023
Training Design Thinking (BE + NL), Design Sprint voor het Klimaatparlement (2021) en Train de trainer (2022)
Training Design Thinking (BE + NL), Design Sprint for the Climate Parliament (2021) and Train the trainer (2022)
Consultant portfoliomanagement, ideation traject, software implementatie Edison365 (sinds 2018)
Consultant portfolio management, ideation trajectory, software implementation Edison365 (since 2018)
Workshops Customer Journey Mapping (2021)
Customer Journey Mapping Workshops (2021)
Design Thinking Training 2020 voltallig personeel
Design Thinking Training 2020 all staff
Trainee opleidings traject + train-de-trainer (2019, 2020)
Trainee training program + train-the-trainer (2019, 2020)
Opleiding Innovatie/ Design Thinking (2018, 2019)
Training Innovation / Design Thinking (2018, 2019)
Summerschool BDO Advisory (2019)
Summer school BDO Advisory (2019)
programma rondom service cultuur (2019 - 2020)
service culture program (2019 - 2020)
3 groepen Design Thinking training (2019)
3 groups Design Thinking training (2019)
Workshops op Cosun innovatiedag (2018, 2017)
Workshops at Cosun innovation day (2018, 2017)
Inrichten proces innovatie board, strategie vormgeven, organisatie innovatieweek, aanzet portfoliomanagement (2018)
Set up process innovation board, design strategy, organization innovation week, start portfolio management (2018)
Docent Masterclass Strategisch PPM (2021, 2022)
Teacher Masterclass Strategic PPM (2021, 2022)
Portfolio management workshop en external challenger portfolio mgmt  (2019)
Portfolio management workshop and external challenger portfolio mgmt (2019)
Van idee naar klantwaarde en klantevent (2017)
From idea to customer value and customer event (2017)
Trial XiBE (2019)
Trial XiBE (2019)
Design Thinking trainingen (2019, 2020)
Design Thinking training courses (2019, 2020)
Trainer Design Thinking en Waardeproposities sinds 2020
Trainer Design Thinking and Value Propositions since 2020
Management workshop, design thinking training, a day in the life of a startup (2018)
Management workshop, design thinking training, a day in the life of a startup (2018)
3 groepen training Design Thinking (2019)
3 groups training Design Thinking (2019)
workshop Playing Lean en innovation readiness (2018)
workshop Playing Lean and innovation readiness (2018)
Workshops innovatieteam (2019)
Workshops innovation team (2019)
Summerschool Jonge Veranderaars 2017
Summer School Young Changeists 2017
Workshop waarde propositiecanvas en teamontwikkeling
Workshop value proposition canvas and team development
Innovatieroadshow op 5 locaties (2018)
Innovation road show at 5 locations (2018)
2 daagse workshop scaling up (2018)
2 day workshop scaling up (2018)
Vaste trainer voor Design Thinking sinds 2016
Permanent trainer for Design Thinking since 2016
coaching interne startup, diverse trainingen lean startup/ design thinking (2016)
coaching internal startup, various training courses lean startup / design thinking (2016)
workshop idee generatie, coördinatie en uitvoering A day in the life of a startup (2016)
workshop idea generation, coordination and implementation A day in the life of a startup (2016)


Ann Goossens
Ann Goossens
Program manager Infrabel

After we approached Joyce, she listened carefully and challenged our initial ideas. She developed a tailor-made proposal that addressed much more than what we had in mind: more than learning tools and techniques, we have a program that involves our whole organization to ensure what trainees learn is not 'lost' at the end of the program but becomes 'built-in' our ways of working, a program where trainees become entrepreneurs within a self-managing team, a program that supports our culture change program Go Blue. She was also a perfect coach for me as I am setting up and managing this project within Infrabel ICT. I would definitely recommend contacting Joyce for your innovation-related change project.

Mark Toonen
Mark Toonen
Royal Cosun
Innovation Manager Royal Cosun

In two consecutive years, Joyce made her formidable contribution to the “Cosun Innovation Day” by providing a number of very educational and fascinating workshops. These customer-specifically tailored workshops have contributed to a great extent to offer new insights in the field of properly and quickly mapping the customer's wishes: Customer Journey mapping, Playing Lean and Value Proposition Canvas. One by one very inspiring, relevant and fun workshops!

Vera op den Brouw
Vera op den Brouw and Ingrid Daemen
Senior Patent Attorney / Association Partner and Business Unit Assistant, AOMB

We have deployed “A Day in the Life of a Startup” in honor of our 50th anniversary with a select group of colleagues and clients. The setup, variety, tension and time pressure of this serious game ensured that you got sucked into it. As a result, we have been able to strengthen the personal bond with clients and we have learned that too many developments in business services are still based on assumptions. We will deal with this differently from now on.

Joep Kolijn
Joe Colin
Innovative Connector GGzElab

The Pimcy approach is distinctive because theory is immediately translated to one's own situation. We still use a number of the tools provided to ensure that we always reason from the customer in our innovation processes.

Willem Knaap
Willem Knap
Innovation manager Rabobank

Joyce did a good job last year with the initial set-up of portfolio management for Rabobank innovations. She is very knowledgeable, hands on and a lot of fun to work with.

Teun Oosterbaan
Teun Oosterbaan
The Beagle Armada

This was a really nice training #designthinking. Currant from the porridge and also directly applicable at healthcare institutions. And also customer of the quarter Pimcy BV | Innovation & Portfolio Management Thanks Joyce Omen.

laura le férec
Laura le Ferec
Learning & Development Coordinator

Joyce's Design Thinking workshops are always highly successful at POLITICO, encouraging innovation, collaboration, team spirit and fun. These workshops proved to be a great opportunity for people from different departments, including Marketing, Sales, Tech or even Legal, to come together to brainstorm and collaborate around product launch. The hands-on activities were fun and engaging and the tools and techniques provided by Joyce proved to be useful to our teams in their day-to-day work. As Learning & Development Coordinator, I see it as a moment to take a step back to reflect on the products we launch, and how each of us is contributing to that effort. It fosters synergies across teams and innovation. Besides the obvious learning opportunity this workshop represents, it's also an amazing team building activity.


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