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As an organization you want to become more innovative. However, shaping and executing an innovation strategy proves difficult. Where do you start, what do you have to take into account, how do you achieve results?

We help you by offering a total package in which we help you determine and realize the innovation strategy. A standard package, which, however, is fully designed based on your organization and the point where you are now.

With this approach you have the building blocks to become more successful in innovation!


Work with proven building blocks on a successful innovation and portfolio strategy so that you can get off to a flying start!


Your organization is working on the new strategy. What will we do, where will the budgets go? But how concrete is the innovation strategy actually? Are you ready for the future?


We focus specifically on management teams of medium-sized organizations or Business Units of larger organizations. The total package is suitable for all sectors, both profit and non-profit.


A total package to formulate your innovation strategy and take the first steps in it. We also share the best practices in the field of innovation management.

We start with an extensive intake in which we get to know your organization. We inventory what your objectives and experiences are and what relevant information is already available. Think of current strategy & vision, portfolio overviews, etc.
Customized proposal
We make and discuss a comprehensive proposal tailored to your organization in which we go through the detailed program. Together we determine who will be invited, what communication/preparation is required and where the two-day event will take place.
Heissession (2 days)
During 2 consecutive days we will work with your team to arrive at a clear innovation strategy. A strategy translated into concrete themes, goals and KPIs.
The first day we focus on determining the strategy, the second day on the building blocks to realize the strategy.
Elaboration and presentation
We work out all insights, decisions, objectives and themes in a clear presentation in your company style and share these with the team. We also make a concept one pager in which the innovation strategy and themes are presented in an attractive way. This helps you with the first steps in internal communication. Then you get to work with the building blocks!
About 3 months after the heath day, we organize a follow-up session where we discuss your experiences with setting up the innovation strategy and getting started with the building blocks. We think along about possible adjustments and next steps.


Current Strategy and Business Model
We start with a summary of the current strategic course and business model. Can the whole team still agree with this?
What's coming for us? Which trends, market, macroeconomic and industry developments are coming our way and will have an impact on our company?
Innovation Strategy
What are we currently doing about innovation? How healthy is our current portfolio of products and services? How does that relate to the things that are coming our way? Which direction should we go? What is our great ambition?
Innovation objectives
How can we make the innovation strategy concrete? We formulate clear, measurable objectives for the next 2 to 3 years.
The process
How clear is the current innovation and/or product development process? What happens to ideas now?
Our people
What is the knowledge and skill level of our employees? Do we have the right profiles in-house?
What structures do we have now? Is that sufficient or do we think that more or other things are needed to realize our ambition?
Key Results
Which measurable results can we link to the specific objectives? Who owns which result?
We have now made a lot of things concrete. How are we going to realistically plan this in time? We draw up a roadmap together.
Operational level
Tactical Level
Strategic level
joyce oomen-beeris
Joyce Oomen (NL / BE)
Founder & Innovation accelerator
Peter Stooker
Peter Stooker (NL)
Innovation accelerator

We are both experienced innovation consultants and facilitators and have extensive work experience and have worked in various industries. Our clientele ranges from SMEs to corporates, the focus is on developing innovation excellence within established companies.

Peter also teaches Innovation Management at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Joyce is a teacher in the field of innovation/design thinking at Cevora (Belgium).

We complement each other well in terms of knowledge and personality and know how to get the best out of a team.

Our main goal: exceeding the expected results!

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