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A design sprint…

What is that?

During the DesignSprint we will together work on your challenge, to achieve results in a maximum of one week. That challenge relates to your market, employees, products or services.

During the online check conversation we determine whether we can help you and how we can do that. In any case, we will help you by thinking along with you. If we think we can help you, we offer result guarantee for your design sprint.

Design Sprint met resultaatgarantie

What does a Design Sprint deliver?

From problem in product or service to a tested solution in a maximum of 5 days, with guaranteed results!

Design Sprint Tijdwinst

Time saving

What your organization will take about 3 months, we together will realise this in just5 days. We use the Service Design approach for this. Depending on your issue, we opt for a Google Sprint, a Service Design Sprint or a Customer Journey Sprint. Result? A validated answer to your challenge.

Design Sprint nieuwe expertise

New Expertise

We complement your team with an User Experience designer.The team is guided by a Design Sprint Facilitator. Where necessary, we also deploy other expertise. Expertise that not every organization has in-house. This cross-pollination provides new insights and more creativity.

Design Sprint Kennis


A Design Sprint is not a training but means getting started and working on your challenge. Your employees will experience new methods and techniques, which they will continue to apply in their work even after the Design Sprint.


What are the steps of a sprint?
What are we actually talking about? What do we already know? What not yet? From what perspective are we viewing this? We look at what we already know and find out what we don't know yet.
Now that we have all the information available, let's organize it in certain ways. This allows us to interpret. We will further refine and determine the exact focus question of this sprint.
We will come up with possible solutions for our problem. We'll work this out in quite some detail. We then make a choice which solutions have the best chance. We will work out these solutions in more detail.
We prototype the solution. The prototype is not yet the final solution with associated technology, but is a version that is real enough for the customer to provide feedback.
Testing and adjusting
We test the prototype with real customers. Based on this, we learn and make decisions. This may be that we have to adjust our solution, or that we stop certain things. What would be a smart next step? We now know how to proceed!

Which Design Sprint is right for me?

We offer a number of different types of Design Sprints, with a slightly different focus. See here what suits you and your problem or consult with us.
Google Sprint Design
5 days (Mon-Fri)

From idea to tested prototype in 5 days! The Google Design sprint is suitable if you already have a concrete idea, which you want to test as quickly and realistically as possible.

In this sprint, we follow Google's well-known and proven set-up and tackle a first idea or solution direction in 5 consecutive days in order to arrive at a tested solution.

We use tests in which the experience is quite real for the customer, while the service or product behind it technically does not yet (fully) work.

Service Design Sprint
3 to 5 days (not consecutive)

A Service Design Sprint aims to find an innovative solution to a problem with impact on the user. This can be a customer or an employee. So there is not yet a concrete idea how this should be tackled.

Together we determine a tailor-made program in which you have tested a new concept or idea or see other issues answered within no more than 5 (spread) days.

Customer Journey Sprint
3 to 5 days (not consecutive)

A Customer Journey Sprint is aimed at improving and renewing an existing customer journey. A customer journey is what the customer experiences from orientation to after-sales service of an existing product.

We start by mapping out the current customer journey and then look at how this can be improved. We test these improvement ideas on the basis of first prototypes. This way you know within 5 days what will really work. A Customer Journey Sprint can often yield very valuable results within 3 days.

your investment
Who what where?
For who?
A Design Sprint is suitable for larger organizations (25+ employees) that have a challenge in the field of customer or employee experience, that are developing new products or services and are willing to do something with the results of a sprint.
With whom?
We expect that at least 2 employees will be available for 3 to 5 days, and that they will be released from other duties. Only in this way is it possible to obtain the necessary focus. We would like to see the following disciplines represented: marketing, technology, customer perspective, finance, product design. In addition, someone must be able to make decisions. We complement your team with a Service Designer and other disciplines where necessary. The team is guided by an experienced Service Design Facilitator.
We prefer to work at a different location than your company, in order to create the necessary distance and to stimulate creativity.
What does it cost?
We charge a fixed amount for a sprint. This amount depends on the duration, how many people are deployed by us, location rental, catering, etc. Assume an investment of at least € 10.000. We offer a result guarantee, if we do not achieve the agreed results, you pay 70% of the agreed amount.

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