We make a distinction in Learn en Start Innovating. For Learn the focus is on teaching the correct skills that your people need to innovate in the right way. For 'start innovating' the focus is on 'learning by doing'We then spend less time on theory, but immediately get to work with the team on your challenge!

Our method is based on Lean Startup, Design Thinking and general innovation & portfolio management theory.

Our innovation workshops and trajectories

Below are a few examples of innovation workshops and innovation processes that we can provide. We always deliver tailor-made solutions: the training or workshop is adapted based on your question and the context of your organization.

Almost all trajectories and workshops are also possible digitally We then work in sessions of a maximum of half a day and still provide a lot of interaction and experience by doing.

inrichten innovatieproces

We help you set up an innovation process that your organization can cope with and that provides room for innovation. We take into account the various types of innovation and ensure that success is measurable.

business model

What is your business model actually and does it still meet this time and the future? We help you recalibrate your business model and thus generate input towards a true innovation strategy.


We help to set up portfolio management on a strategic and tactical levelWe determine the desired portfolio on the basis of a supported innovation strategy. We then analyze both the existing project portfolio and the current product portfolio. Based on this, we look at which movement should be used to achieve your strategic goals.

opleiding idee management

Setting up a successful challenge to get ideas is far from easy. It is not only about setting up a challenge on the platform, but also about the right questioning, communication, information provision, process during and after the challenge. Pimcy has a lot of experience with this and can guide your team in this, so that they can do it themselves next time.

Design Thinking training Pimcy

Design Thinking helps organizations to become more service oriented and to offer a better customer experience .

You learn to look at your environment in a different way. You first learn to understand the context and challenges before working towards a solution. By constantly creating and testing immediately, you are constantly learning and improved versions of your first idea are brought to the table at lightning speed. Starting from the user, we ensure that technology advances the customer and that there is a healthy business case for the company.

serious game portfoliomanagement

In this course you will learn how to set up innovation portfolio management. We are going to work on optimizing the project portfolio for the fictitious company “Helder & Schoon”. During the game, you gradually apply a number of important principles of innovation portfolio management. We also learn that the type of innovation determines what kind of development process should be applied.

We then delve deeper into the theoretical principles and establish the link to our own organization. How did we actually arrange this? How is this distribution with us? Should this be different? And if so, how do we do this?

Playing Lean

Playing Lean is a serious game based on Lean Startup and Value Proposition Design. With Playing Lean you learn to apply the principles of Lean Startup in a risk-free environment.

You form a fictional startup with your teammates and compete against other startups in order to conquer the market This means that you have to make strategic choices about how you use your employees: do they  Materials your product, do they experiment to get to know the wishes of the customer or do they enter the market to meet that customer and sold? Or do you invest in your business operations? 

innoveren als een startup

In this SERIOUS GAME, teams get to work with a completely new idea. Together they form a fictitious start-up that wants to market this idea. They compete with other teams and will each have to try to make an investment for themselves.

During the day, the participants learn to apply the principles of Lean Startup in practice. They get to work, attend workshops, talk to customers, investors and experts. So they learn to 'innovate like a startup'.


We have set up Studio Pimcy especially for SMEs. We achieve a concrete result in a short period of time by adding a few specialists to your team. Together they work in a Sprint towards a concrete goal.

Studio Pimcy Tilburg

Google Sprint Design

Service Design Sprint
Customer Journey Sprint
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