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More and more companies are discovering this Lean innovation either Lean startup can help them better streamline their innovation processes. Especially for totally new product development, the application of Lean innovation principles results in a more efficient and successful innovation pipeline.

In this blog series, Francis-Paul Janssen from AOMB Intellectual Property and Joyce Oomen van Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management answer these and other questions. We thank Jenk de Jong of the Chamber of Commerce for his feedback and revisions.

In Part 1, we introduced our blog series, the writers and structure of the blog series. In Part 2, we discussed the basic principles of Lean Innovation and IP Strategy.

In this part 3 “Discover” we introduce ourselves business idea!

The beginning of our journey

We, Francis and Joyce, have long cherished the dream of developing toys for children. In our circle of acquaintances we have a whiz kid who knows everything about converting energy into movement and is technically very gifted. We also found an excellent developer who can build software. We then joined forces to make this dream come true. So we have a startup team! We call ourselves for the time being fantasy.

Customer safari

customer safari

We started with a real one customer safari. This means that we have observed our target group in their own environment. For days we wandered around, looked closely at the friends of our own kids, observed on the street when children were playing and even talked to some kids. After parental permission, of course - you don't want funny faces!

We noticed that many kids are busy with hoverboards. Some people think that this makes children forget to walk and run, but we observed the following things:

  • Children train their sense of balance
  • Children teach the skills to each other
  • Children usually do this together
  • Children are tired again after fifteen minutes

When we spoke to a number of children about their hoverboards, we noted the following:

  • It gets boring quickly
  • You can only steer a little
  • You fall quite often in the beginning
  • Sometimes people get scared when you pass with a hoverboard
  • You are actually not allowed to use it on public roads

Brainstorm / ideation: business idea

After a number of brainstorming sessions, we came up with the following business idea:

We want to develop a hoverboard that can not only make horizontal movements, but also vertical ones! So it must be able to jump. In addition, the energy generated by the movement must be converted into light and sound.

lean ip

Business modeling: Lean Canvas

Fortunately, we realize that this is only a first idea. We have decided the Lean innovation method to follow. As a first step, we fill it Lean Canvas from Ash Maurya.

Source: Leanstack.com

Based on our initial research, we think we already have a fairly good idea of ​​the problems of our target group.

Now let's see what our most critical assumption is. If this assumption isn't true, we might as well quit our entire plan.

We conclude that our most critical assumption is that we will like the solution we have in mind.

After all, if the target audience doesn't find that interesting, we might as well stop. But does this mean that we are already starting our production process? No, that would be very risky. There are other ways to test this.

More about this in the next part!

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