Lean IP: How do you combine Lean Innovation with your IP strategy? (part 1)


More and more companies are discovering this Lean innovation either Lean startup can help them better streamline their innovation processes. Especially for totally new product development, the application of Lean innovation principles results in a more efficient and successful innovation pipeline. The basic principle of Lean startup is that you expose your idea, and subsequent versions of your product, to the customer as quickly as possible at minimal cost. But what about you then Intellectual Property (IP)? In order to record IP, it is often required that an investment is made just before the innovation is known. How do you deal with this? How big is the risk that someone else will run off with your idea? And at what stage does it become wise to set up certain protective constructions?

Blog series: "Lean IP: How do you combine Lean innovation with your IP strategy"

In this blog series, Francis-Paul Janssen from AOMB Intellectual Property and Joyce Oomen van Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management answer these and other questions. We thank Jenk de Jong of the Chamber of Commerce for his feedback and revisions.

Structure of the series

Based on a fictitious business idea, we discuss the different phases that you should go through according to the Lean innovation method. At the same time, we will explain the steps you can take to guarantee your IP as well as possible. Our starting point is here lean IP, or only record the things that are really necessary and only when it is needed. For every IP step we quantify the time required, your effort and a cost estimate.

The blog series is published over a period of 8 weeks and consists of the following parts:

lean ip deel 1

  1. Introduction (this part): Here we introduce our blog series, the authors and the structure of the series.
  2. basic principles: here we introduce the basic principles of Lean Startup, an IP strategy and innovation.
  3. Discover: we have a business idea, now what? In this phase we are looking for problem / solution fit for our caseBy conducting IP research we gain a lot of insight into the market and competition and we prepare ourselves for a possible patent application. This part is split into two parts, part 3 en part 4.
  4. Learn: we get started with prototypes and learn from the feedback of our customers. At the same time, it is now important to record certain things with regard to IP. This part is split into part 5 en part 6.
  5. Growth: our product seems to have everything to be scaled up! What does this mean for our IP strategy? You can find this part 7 here.
  6. Summary: we provide a practical summary of the steps we have taken. In addition, on the basis of the decision tree you can determine for yourself at what time it is useful to record IP matters.

In the next part 2 we introduce the basic principles of Lean innovation and an IP strategy. We hope you will follow our series and are happy with comments, likes and shares!

 About the authors of this series

Francis-Paul Janssen

Senior European and Dutch patent attorney at AOMB IP Consultants(f.janssen@aomb.nl)

Joyce Oomen-Beeris

Innovation accelerator | Innovation Portfolio Management Consultant | Owner Pimcy Innovation & Portfolio Management | joyce@pimcy.nl)


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