Do you need concrete support in setting up or improving your innovation process, setting up your ideas competition or do you have a concept that needs to be tested? Pimcy helps and guides your team and also contributes to the content and output.

Get down to work
We make a step-by-step plan and together achieve a result.
ophalen van ideeën
bouwen aan concept idee
What options we offer
Example programs / workshops
Organize innovation process

We help you set up an innovation process that your organization can cope with and that provides room for innovation. We take into account the various types of innovation and ensure that success is measurable.

Innovation Scoping

When setting up an ideas contest or challenge, it is very important to properly determine the scope. What kinds of ideas are we looking for and what are we going to do with them? What do we expect from participants? What can they expect from us?

Discover your business model

What is your business model actually and does it still meet this time and the future? We help you recalibrate your business model and thus generate input towards a true innovation strategy.


We help you identify and categorize your current initiatives and products / services. This gives you insight and overview again. It is the first step towards innovation portfolio management.

We also do Design Sprints with your team, take a look
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