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DOON Ignition box: Doon’s variant of Adobe Kickbox

What is the DOON Ignition Box?

The Doon Ignition box is a variant of the Adobe Kickbox program. Adobe Kickbox was developed by Adobe as a process to facilitate bottom-up innovation. Initially it was developed for use by Adobe only, but Adobe has open-sourced it. Doon (a collective of innovation professionals, has made its own variant in which its step-by-step approach to innovation is translated to a DIY variant. The box is available in both a Dutch and English version.

Adobe’s objectives of Kickbox for organizations are (1)
– Increase innovation quantity, quality, and speed across the organization
– Identify and activate latent innovators (who may not know they’re innovators)
– Foster an innovation culture and attract innovators to the organization

If you want to learn more about Adobe Kickbox, watch this 4 minute video.

Basically, the DOON Ignition box has the same objectives, but we also want to lower the barriers for organizations to actually start innovating. DOON has translated the original Kickbox into an even more straightforward and practical approach, in which steps of the DOON method are used. The DOON method is for a large part based on Lean Startup principles. The contents of the Ignition box are displayed below:

Like Kickbox, the Doon ignition box has 6 steps that are based on the Doon innovation method. However, unlike the Adobe kickbox, the starting point is that the individual or team already has an idea that the organization has found worthwhile pursuing.

The following steps are supported, I have added how the steps compare to the original Kickbox setup. A DIY manual is of course included.


Step 1: The dream catcher: in this step you will clarify your personal or team’s mission and vision. Comparable to Adobe Kickbox’s Inception and includes some elements of Ideate.

Step 2: From idea to customer value: what value are you delivering to your customer? The value proposition (Alex Osterwalder) is used for this.

The result is one of the important inputs into a business model. It will make clear which added value a customer experiences by engaging with you or buying your product. A good value proposition highlights real and verifiable results, eg: the customer will achieve by using your product/service higher revenues, quicker time to market, lower costs etc. Comparable to Improve and includes some elements of Ideate.

Step 3: Hobby or business: is there a business model behind your idea and is there a potential business case for the organization? Or can you make a separate business of the idea?  We use the Business Model Canvas in this step. Comparable to Improve.

Step 4: Get out of the building: test your assumptions by talking to the early adopters in your target group. But first, assess whether the problem you are trying to solve really is a relevant problem to this customer. Comparable to Investigate.

Step 5: Shaping the experience: by making an early, light version or in other words a minimum version, it is possible to get more in-depth feedback about your idea. This can vary from a storyboard, landing page to the packaging of the product. Comparable to Iterate.

Step 6: Pitch it: now that the team has validated the idea, or maybe has pivoted to another idea it is time to convince the jury that the team can proceed. In order to do this you need a good pitch, and we teach the basics of a good pitch in this step. Comparable to Infiltrate.

Why DOON has made its own variant

Doon helps organizations innovate as a startup. We also want to lower the barriers for organizations to actually start with innovation. We have tailored the Adobe Kickbox so that it reflects our own DOON methodology, making it even easier to apply. We also offer the DOON ignition box white label, so that larger organizations can tailor it to their specific wishes without having to start from scratch.

How is it applied

The Ignition box can be applied in several ways:

  • A true DIY toolkit
  • A DIY toolkit including vouchers for additional support
  • A program build around the steps of the Ignition box

It can be applied both by individuals as by teams. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me.

(1) source :

Joyce Oomen is Innovation accelerator, owner of Pimcy Product & Innovation Management and member of the DOON cooperative ( For more information about the DOON Ignition Box