Denisa and Stéphane new Pimcy teachers for Cevora

denisa en stephane

Cevora is a Belgian training institute that provides training for companies belonging to the joint committee 200. More than 55.000 companies have a compulsory financial contribution that, together with the social partners, finances training. This allows Cevora to offer a wide range of training courses to 450.000 employees. Since 2016 Joyce from Pimcy has been working for Cevora as a trainer Design Thinking in the Dutch and English language. It started with a 1-day training which evolved into a two-day training in 2019. And then Corona. In 2020 we continued digitally and the course has been transformed into an interactive online course of 4 half-days. At the end of last year, Cevora decided to take a new course for its digital offer by offering the training even more tailored to the SME/SME via a new learning platform Karibu.

Each training contains one half day online. Beforehand, the students prepare online in Karibu and after the joint half-day, the students work individually on an assignment and there is the option of a joint conclusion. As a result, the Design Thinking course changed. Instead of a continuous course, we will now offer 4 courses separately. Each course focuses on a part of the Design Thinking process, but you can also follow it separately at the same time.

The first two courses (in Dutch)From Assumption to Insight' in 'From customer challenge to relevant ideas'  can already be followed online.

In part 3 and part 4 we will focus on Experimentation and Implementation. This autumn we will also start again with hybrid courses: a combination of online and physical training!

New Pimcy team members!

This summer we will translate the courses into English and French. From autumn you can also register for these courses in French or English via Cevora. This means a growth in the number of trainings that Pimcy will provide and an expansion to the French language. For that reason, Pimcy is now going to work with two experienced Service Designers: Denisa Nica and Stéphane Letisse.

We would like to introduce them to you!

Denisa Nica

Denisa Nica - Pimcy

Denisa is an experienced service and experience designer, scrum master and trainer. She has broad experience in setting up Design Thinking as a consultant within business services and lives in Brussels. Denisa is a Romanian who has been working for French speaking companies in Belgium for more than 10 years. She speaks fluent French and English.

Stephane Letisse

Stephane Letisse - Pimcy

Stéphane has been working with large and/or small organizations for more than 20 years to set up a Human Centric Design process. He adapts the Design thinking process to an innovative and pragmatic workshop approach: Design sprint in all its forms. Stéphane is French and has also lived in Brussels for more than 10 years and works as an independent consultant.

Curious about the other team members? Look who's in the Pimcy team !

Focus on Belgium

Together we will ensure that participants in our Design Thinking courses go home with new, immediately applicable insights, methods and techniques. In addition, we also think that as a combination of 3 Design Thinkers with various backgrounds, we have a good starting point to actively guide Belgian companies towards more success in innovation.

We are very pleased with the expansion of our team and are sure that together with Denisa and Stéphane we will further strengthen our offer in the field of Service Design.

Welcome Denisa and Stéphane!


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