for the future?
Is your company ready

Your organisation is doing great, you can hardly keep up with today’s demand.

But what will you need tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow?

Will the organisation then still be capable to service the customer in the right way? Are employees capable of looking beyond the obvious? What is your innovation capability?

Innovation should be a structural part of your business strategy in order to survive in the long term. Continuous innovation, so that you are ready for the future. Agility as a second nature. 

Pimcy helps you to do just that. Practical, pragmatic and focussed on actually doing it, in the context of your organisation. Our objective is to achieve acceleration, more innovation success and an increased innovation capability. 

How can we help you? 

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Our customers

ING Lease Belgium: programma in kader van Service Cultuur
Isabel: 2 daagse Design Thinking workshop
Planet Talent: Design Thinking
Möbius Consulting: Design Thinking
AGFA Health Care: Design Thinking
BDO: programma inhoud innovation challenge, begeleiding gedurende 2 summerschools voor Advisory en partner workshop
Conquaestor: begeleiding innovatie team
Arcadis: Training Design Thinking voor 3 groepen
DSM: portfolio management game en externe challenger tijdens kickoff sessie
Universiteit Utrecht: implementatie XiBE
NVWA, lean innovatie training
Infrabel: begeleiding Innovation Track traineeprogramma, opleiding coaches, managementsessies (gestart okt 2018)
Engie: training Design Thinking
Erdee Media Groep: Ignition training voor groep van 12 innovators/ begeleiding innovatieteam
VECOZO: inrichten proces innovatieboard, organisatie innovatieweek, inrichten portfoliomanagement (sinds april 2018 2 dagen per week)
Cosun: playing lean en customer journey mapping workshop (2017), waarde propositie ontwerp (2018) op Cosun innovatiedag
Worldline: Design Thinking
DXC technologies: 3 trainingen Design Thinking
Elitac: 2 daagse workshop scaling up
Orange Belgium: trainingen Design Thinking
Inspearit: workshop waardepropositie canvas en teamontwikkeling
Eurofins: Samen met de Fountainheads vanuit DOON innovatieroadshow op 5 locaties door heel het land verzorgd.
Ericsson België: design thinking workshops
Noldus: Management workshop, design thinking training en 'A day in the life of a startup' als onderdeel van een innovatietraject.
Alliander: innovatie workshop
RealDolmen: workshop Design Thinking
Impact startupfest: workshop waardepropositie canvas
hiil: coaching teams
ccc: coaching teams gedurende event
AOMB: workshop van idee naar klantwaarde en klantevent
Cevora: cursus Design Thinking is opgenomen in opleidingsprogramma Cevora, daarnaast workshop voor LearningLabs
Societe Generale Belgrado: workshop A day in the life of a startup
Railforum: coaching traject Jonge Veranderaars zomer 2017
Teijin: workshop idee generatie, plus coördinatie/ uitvoering A day in the life of a startup
Rabobank: diverse workshops Playing Lean/ Lean Startup, portfolio management consultancy, portfolio management software implementatie
GGzE: coaching interne startup, diverse workshops playing lean/ design thinking/ portfolio management
Juridisch Loket: Playing Lean workshop
KvK: playing lean sessie
leancamp: organisatie LeanCamp Brussel mrt 2017




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